Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol 1 – For that Paul bloke…

Here yar matey x

  1. Train Kept a Rollin’ – Cynics
  2. Little Girl – Jades
  3. Night of the Sadist – Larry & The Blue Notes
  4. I Don’t Want to Find Another Girl – Five of a Kind
  5. I’m Blue – Rising Suns
  6. Humpty Dumpty – Visions
  7. The Girl – Gnats
  8. In and Out – Larry & The Blue Notes
  9. Time is All – The Mistakes
  10. Gloria – Tracers
  11. Without Her – The Barons
  12. Fly by Nighter – Wylder
  13. She Said Yeah – Tracers
  14. One Potato – The Elite
  15. Two Potato – The Elite
  16. The Chocolate Moose Theme – Chocolate Moose
  17. Thanks a Lot Baby – Bards
  18. Empty Heart – Nomads
  19. Little Latin Lupe Lu – Rising Suns
  20. All I Ask – The Barons
  21. Betty Lou’s Got a New Tattoo – Creep
  22. Don’t Blame Me – The Barons
  23. Days Mind the Theme – The Mods
  24. Come on Up – Jinx

Love updates….

I hate Window updates, Twitter updates, security updates and all that stuff that makes my computer worse than it was before.

But as for loving updates, or should I say I love love updates? The latest love update is my badger and are planning a trip together, so we get to spend time in each other’s company for a few glorious days. To say I am missing him right now is a gross understatement. I am truly pining for my nocturnal creature; the man who has singlehandedly given me a reason to smile and a reason to look forward to each new development in our relationship with a racing heart.

He is a good man; patient, brave, kind and loving. I had no intention of ever meeting anyone again, being very content in my settled life with one little child and currently one big one. But out of the blue, this badger popped his head out of is sett and said “Hi, fancy stepping out with me?” And I did. Joy of joys, I did.

Life has many shocks and surprises in store for all of us.  If I can find happiness at this time in my life, there truly is hope for everyone.

With love from me, your soft socialist CAB worker xx

That unpleasant phone call…

The person who rang and made an improper suggestion to me on Monday evening rang me again last night. I recognised his number on my screen and cut him off before he could speak. I had looked on the T Mobile site and sent them a tweet asking how to block his calls but of course being a moneymaking organisation they didn’t provide that information. They didn’t display the answer on their website and could not be bothered to answer my question via twitter. So thanks for that T Mobile, thanks for nothing.

Now this person was rung by my boss. He then proceeded to tell my boss how sorry he was for causing me offence. Not good enough I’m afraid. He knew what he was saying and the more I think about it the more I realise what a lucky escape I have had. He will undoubtedly have spun some line about it being said in all innocence and how I must have misunderstood. No! He made his intention clear and it was a very weird intention, let me tell you.

One good thing is I no longer feel any guilt about reporting him. I did feel sorry for him at first but now, on reflection, I realise he deserves to feel bad (if he does). He is not my responsibility.

And as for the man I love…

As for the nocturnal creature. I love him more each day. I am here for him to hold his hand, stroke his brow, and give him the security and devotion he deserves. He is a good man and he is doing his best to resolve our situation. We want to spend our lives together but there are children to consider. One way or another we will be together soon. I just want my man to know I will always be here for him.

I love you Badger xx


Without breaking confidence it is hard to explain the full story here but someone I work for, through an agency (we will call it an agency for these purposes)  rang me yesterday and made a most inappropriate suggestion. Now, this old person has just lost his wife and is in a state of shock. I have worked for the couple for about a year and over that time he has occasionally made flirtatious and sometimes bordering on the shocking remarks. I have brushed most of them off although on one occasion did threaten, in a jocular fashion, to damage his gooners and walk out of the house if he did what he wanted to do.

The lady died recently and I have been asked by him to give support above and beyond the call of duty, i.e. helping to scatter her ashes in the  woods and attend the post-funeral party, so to speak ,as a friend. Those are things I was willing to do. I am a kind person and see no reason not to help someone who has lost the wife, the woman he clearly loved with all his heart. However, he phoned me yesterday and made a most shocking suggestion. I now feel I do not want to be alone with this person and I am not sure I ought to be walking in the woods alone with him to scatter the lady’s ashes, much as I loved and admired her myself.

Now, my dilemma is do I tell the boss? If I do, I will have to leave this position and the old man will be left high and dry. He has no family or friends here. He has neighbours who he talks to but nobody he can call a friend. Why am I worrying myself about a funny old bloke? Why can’t I just say sod him and walk away? Answers please.

My little sis…

I have two twitter sisters and one twinnie; none of whom are actually related to me but they have become, and always will be, part of my family. The twitter sisters @TraceySpacey1 and @ProfessorEdith are the ones I turn to when things get good or bad; we talk and we share. My twinnie keeps changing her name thanks to twitter stupidity but is currently known as @RockSteadyT2 or Tunde as she is known to me and her husband, her real one (not her fantasy Jan Kincaid one).

Today I am off to Mansfield or thereabouts to see my little sis Tracey. I am taking my daughter with me, who will meet Auntie Tracey for the first time. I know they will get on fine, both being very sweet natured and lovely to be around. I am so excited about seeing my little sis. I last saw her several months ago before the man I love had come into my life; we went out and about in Nottingham town, getting high on mucky ales and observing life on the late train. This time there will be no alcohol for me as I will have my 11 year old to care for and we want to show her a windmill, a giant sundial, a funfair and some fireworks. My little girl is excited about visiting somewhere up north; it’ll be a new experience for her.

It is just a flying visit and we will be getting up and making the return journey to Suffolk in the wee small hours of tomorrow. While there, I may need to nap at Tracey’s at some point. I’m getting old you see, being twelve years older than my little sister. I get tired rather easily these days.

While up north I will undoubtedly tweet some photographs and a few comments about the lovely Tracey. I can’t wait to see her new flat and am hoping to see her pet squirrel too.

So until I return tomorrow, watch this twitter space xx*

*And I will be writing about my meet-up with my other sister, Edith, as soon as possible. We have a lot to talk about. As for twinnie, one of these days we will meet and discuss life, love and drummers in acid jazz groups.